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What are Customs Documents?

In a world where global trade is widespread, international trade and customs procedures are among the most needed things. Customs walls established by all states in the world to protect their own domestic markets can be opened to trade and international markets within the limits set by the laws of the relevant states. It is of great importance to prepare customs documents for all transactions. Customs documents vary, as well as changes in different sectors. First of all, the customs declaration and invoices to be used in these transactions and permits obtained from different institutions are the main ones. Both requested that all relevant documents as well as in other countries, in Turkey, to complete and must be prepared in accordance with the rules.

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Translation of Customs Documents

Customs Declaration, Commercial Invoice, Proforma Invoice, Original Invoice, Freight Invoice, Certified Invoice, Certificate of Origin, A.TR Movement Certificate, EUR.1 Circulation Certificate, Supplier Declaration, Carnets, Surveillance Certificate, Insurance Documents, Bill of Lading, Transport Documents and Check Customs documents, such as the list, must be translated into the language of the host country for the import or export of goods. In order to speed up customs procedures, not to misrepresent imported and exported goods due to incorrect translation, and consequently not to increase the fees and taxes of the relevant company, the Alle Translation Office translates the customs documents in question quickly, with great care, nd contributes to the development of companies’ trade.