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Translation of Correspondence

If the addressee of the institution or company is a foreign institution, company or person, all official correspondence, e-mail correspondence and messaging with them should naturally be made in a common language, generally international correspondence is made in English or, if there is a contract between the parties, in the language specified in the contract. As is known, official or e-mail correspondence and sometimes even messages are accepted as evidence in courts. On the other hand, if these correspondences are related to a contract or a project, generally all official and mail correspondence is considered an integral part of the contract and the parties can file a lawsuit and claim rights based on these correspondences. Companies and institutions, knowing the importance of this issue, always receive professional support from their own translators, if they exist, or from translation offices if they do not. Alle Translation Office translates all correspondence of institutions and companies with care and attention in the fastest way and conducts correspondence with the addressee as if the customer had written himself.

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What Is Correspondence and What Are Its Types?

Writing, as one of humanity’s most ancient inventions, has turned into a form of communication for thousands of years. Nowadays, in official or commercial activities, in order to ensure the development of the processes in any work of the relevant persons and institutions, the correspondence of the relevant or authorized persons, sometimes personally and sometimes through corporate representation, has almost as much commercial and legal value as private agreements. These correspondence not only provide communication but can also become a means of improving or terminating processes. Therefore, “correspondence” has become a concept of the internet age. Correspondence types are generally classified by referring to correspondence taking place in digital environment. E-mail correspondence, messages, correspondence made with messaging applications on smart phones or correspondence made from social media platforms.