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Academic Translation

The fact that science is effective and widespread all over the world is made possible by academic studies and the translation of the texts emerging in these studies into different languages. All over the world, the academy is accepted as the places where intensive text and publication production is made. Translation of documents such as undergraduate, associate degree and master’s level studies, doctorate, research assignments, academic articles, thesis, scientific publications, essays, biographies, papers and abstracts into another language is called academic translation. Academic texts are texts that are far different from everyday language or the form of literary texts. These texts, with their unique technical and terminological structure, represent a field that requires a certain expertise and competence both when they are being written and translated into other languages.

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Translation of Academic Texts

Competence in law, art, science, economics, mathematics, geology, chemistry, physics and many more is required because they are subjects with technical, linguistic and expressive features that are valid all over the world. It is of great importance that the translation of articles that need to be published in foreign publications is of high quality and competent, as well as the translation by experienced translators and a strict editorial process. The academic translations should be as is the text of the author, complete and without adding or removing anything, by preserving integrity and internal consistency, without expression errors, and from footnotes to bibliography, from summary to index.This is the essence of academic translation.

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