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Seminar and Conference Translation

Seminar usually means a meeting / organization organized for a speaker to inform a participant audience on a specific topic. While a few people discussing a certain topic are sometimes included in this definition, meetings that aim to provide more information to students on a particular subject are also considered seminars, especially at the university.

Conferences, on the other hand, are meetings where long speeches are made to give information on various subjects such as culture, art, literature, science, law and history. The conference is mostly given in academic institutions and international platforms to explain a thesis or opinion, to explain a topic or to discuss a problem that it focuses on.

If people with different languages are found in such organizations, simultaneous interpretation services are usually provided. Simultaneous means at the same time. The interpreter speaks into the microphone by translating at the same time with the speaker from the cabin they are in. Simultaneous interpretation is considered one of the most effective and functional communication methods in such multilingual meetings because it offers the opportunity to translate into many languages at the same time. There is no waste of time since interpretation is made at the same time with the speaker. However, it is a difficult task as there is no possibility of research, examination and editing and this should be done by interpretors with high listening and speaking skills.

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Necessary equipment should be available for simultaneous interpretation at seminars and conferences. The interpretor should be able to sit in a booth where they can comfortably see the meeting room and the speaker, and be able to follow the speaker because they simultaneously listen and translate the conversation into the other language. In the cabin where the interpretor is located, it is required to have a cabin in accordance with ISO and TSE standards such as acoustic insulation, appropriate ventilation, and suitable equipment (headphones, microphone).

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