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Interpreting in Marriage

Marriage of foreigners with Turkish citizens in Turkey or the marriage of two foreigners in Turkey (International Marriage Certificate) The process of the marriage of foreigners and Turkish citizens or two foreigners and aquiring international marriage certificate in Turkey generally is as follows:

  •  An application is made to the Municipality where the wedding will be held and the required documents list is obtained. The list in the required documents is usually the same, but some municipalities may request extra documents.
  • Foreign person or persons can apply to their country’s embassies or consulates to obtain a Certificate of Celibacy or a Certificate of Marriage License. (Except for Apostille and multilingual documents)
  • An approval should be taken from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to confirm that the certificate is valid in Turkey.
  • It is necessary to apply to the authorized health centers for the health report, which is among the documents required for marriage.
  • For foreigners to whom a declaration of marriage is to be issued, the marriage declaration must be prepared in the presence of a notary public and in the presence of a certified translator.
  • A notarized translation of the ID card and passport for foreigners must be prepared.
  • 4 passport photos are required.
  • After the documents are completed, an application is made to the relevant municipality and the date of marriage is taken. For foreigners who do not speak Turkish, the presence of a certified translator during the marriage is mandatory. Therefore, the documents of the certified translator must be submitted together with other documents in the application.

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Interpreting Service in Official Marriage Ceremony

Alle Translation Office will be with you as your translation during all these processes and stages, and will help you to make an unforgettable marriage without any difficulties and stress in administrative processes.

Alle Translation Office offers the following services for the marriage process in Turkey:

Interpreter Accompanying Service: Our translators, who know the language competently , will be with you at any time, both in official institutions and in the marriage offices and in all other related transactions.

Passport Translation Your passports, which are the documents required in the official marriage and marriage process, are translated correctly and duly.

Certified Interpreting Service in the Notarization of the Marriage Declaration: While the Marriage Declaration is prepared at the notary, we proivde certified interpreting services.

Certified Interpreting Service for Official Marriage at the Municipality: In addition to the procedures of the marriage process in the municipality, we have certified interpreting services during the official marriage ceremony.