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Interpreting for Meetings and Interview

If a party that takes part in meetings and interviews between institutions or companies who speaks a different language, attending the meeting or interview with an interpreter will increase the efficiency of the meeting or interview, eliminate misunderstandings, use time more beneficially, increase the impact on the other party, ensure that the information or message you want to convey is accurate. It is very important in order to convey it in an accurate and fully comprehensible manner and to avoid any problems arising from the meeting or interview in question. Since the Interpretation team of Alle Translation Office has a command of the foreign language at the native language level, the conversations in the meetings or interviews proceed smoothly without pausing, and also the speeches in the meeting and the information, message and effect to be conveyed will be transferred to the other party as if the person themselves were speaking in a foreign language.

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Interpreting for Video Conferences

Nowadays, thanks to video conferencing applications and tools, you can coordinate your meeting in minutes no matter where the other party is in the world, without the need to travel long distances, spend huge expenses and waste time to attend meetings. If these meetings and interviews will take place with people speaking different languages, as in normal old-fashioned meetings, it is important to have an expert interpreter in that language in order for everything to go right. The interpreters staff of Alle Translation Office have all the necessary equipment for video conferences and will transfer the online conversation and meeting speeches to the other side in a fluent manner.