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Interpreting at the Courthouse and Police Station

People who come to police stations or courthouses for various reasons often do not know the language, which can cause various problems. Sometimes a simple process, sometimes a solution to a problem that we have experienced, sometimes as a part of a judicial process, it is possible to convey our problems correctly and find a solution in the police stations and courthouses where we need to go, with a solid translation. You can quickly solve your problems at the courthouse and the police station with the translators who know their job well, have a good command of both languages and are able to manage and follow up the procedures competently. A wrong translation, an incomplete information, an expression that is not spoken correctly can turn all transactions around and cause all things to go astray. For this reason, interpreting services in courthouses is of great importance.

As Alle Translation Office, it is at your side in all kinds of courthouse and police station work with its translators who know judicial and legal processes, have a good command of the procedures in police stations and courthouses, and can translate both languages well.

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