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Interpretation in ATO/ Ankara Chamber of Commerce

Establishment of a company, branch openings and other commercial registration procedures of foreign companies or institutions or individuals in Turkey are required to be realized in ATO (Ankara Chamber of Commerce) accompanied by certified translators. Since the transactions in Ato are very sensitive and the correction of the registered transaction is very costly and difficult, the transaction should be carried out with great care and attention. Therefore, it is very important that a very experienced certifies translator accompanies a foreign person while performing a transaction at Ato. All issues should be translated to the person concerned one by one and line by line and if there is a situation against his / her request, he / she should request its correction on behalf of the person concerned. When the transaction is carried out in the presence of experienced and professional translators, neither the interpreter will sign himself unless the full request of the relevant person is reflected and nor allow the person to sign under a document that is not requested by the person concerned. As Alle Translation Office, we protect the rights of our customers as if they are our own, and with our experienced and professional certified interpreters, we request the preparation of documents in line with the full request of the relevant person in all trade registry transactions and other official works in Ato, and the final version of the document is translated to the relevant person with care and diligence.

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