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Certified Interpreting

Translation is known as one of the oldest professions in human history. The encounter of different cultures and the establishment of unity around common values, the establishment and development of economic, commercial, diplomatic, cultural and political relations have become possible by translating different languages into each other. For this reason, translation has become one of the most important professions of social life in the historical process.

Interpreting / translating is a profession that requires care, attention, skill and a high level of knowledge, as it makes it possible to transfer cultures to each other through language. Mistakes in translation can sometimes have serious consequences. For this reason, translators need to know their culture and values as well as the languages they translate.

In a world where borders have become insignificant, countries have developed all kinds of relations with each other, cooperation and partnerships have been established on every subject that comes to mind from tourism to art, from trade to health, the role and importance of translators has increased even more.

International Translator Federation

Translation and Interpreting Association Turkey

Turkish Sworn Translators Federation

Turkish Translators Association

Interpreting, whose beginnings were based on the first diplomatic relations, has become one of the most respected and important professions in the world today. Today, professional translation services are provided for the continuation of the work.

Certified interpretation service is also considered as one of these professional and corporate jobs. Alle Translation Office provides certified interpretation services in different languages with its professional staff. Certified translator is the work that started and started with the receipt of an oath in the presence of a notary public by a professional translator. This translator perform their translations with their professional competence and they are registered in the presence of a notary, under full personal and professional responsibility.