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Information Security and Privacy

Information Security and Privacy in Our Translation Services

1- Any translation relationship is a commercial relationship, and within this framework, they will exchange both written and verbal information at different times in accordance with the goals and objectives of this relationship. For this reason, it is essential that the parties comply with the confidentiality conditions.
2- Confidential information involves one of the parties sharing any commercial, political, cultural information, invention, business, patent or method of business with the other party as a result of this business relationship. As required by this agreement, any information obtained by the parties must be kept under protection.

International Translator Federation

Translation and Interpreting Association Turkey

Turkish Sworn Translators Federation

Turkish Translators Association

a. The parties must protect this information in strict confidentiality.
b. It undertakes not to provide or disclose this information to any third party or institution.
c. It guarantees not to use this information outside the purposes and objectives of the commercial relationship between them.
3- In case the court or state institutions request information within the legal obligations, the information required to be disclosed does not fall within the definition of confidential information or does not mean that the information has been disclosed.
4- Neither party may transfer this information to third parties, distribute it in any form or by any means, disclose it through media organs and media organizations, or use it for advertising purposes, except in cases clearly stated by law, without the written consent of the other.
5- Each party has exclusive right to confidential information regarding them.
6- When one of the parties becomes aware that the confidential information of the other party has been disclosed by the persons for whom it is responsible, it is obliged to inform the other party immediately and in writing.
7- The party has been disclosed in contravention of the agreement that confidential information is made, the costs of each type within the Republic of Turkey, provided to be collected from the party describing this information, contact the legal way and has the right to demand from the opposite side to collect the damages. .
8- This contract review and Ankara courts and executive offices in any dispute arising from this agreement is authorized and laws of the Republic of Turkey are applied.
9- This contract enters into force as of the date of signature and remains in effect unless jointly terminated by the parties. Even if the commercial and business relationship between the parties ends for any reason, the confidentiality obligations in this contract will continue to be valid and the parties will comply with this contract. This contract or any rights herein are not transferable, in whole or in part.
10- Amendments to the contract can only be made in writing with the agreement of the parties.


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Users visiting our website use small communication files called “cookies” that facilitate access to and use of the website. This information is stored on our website server. Some personal information (such as name-surname, company information, telephone, address or e-mail addresses) of the members can be collected by subscribing to our website or by filling in various forms and questionnaires on our website. The information of those who are members of our site or upload their information to our site will not be disclosed to third party persons and institutions.
The confidentiality agreement on which this agreement is applied is only for the use of Alle Translation Office, it does not bind third party websites and social media channels.

Alle Translation Office accepts as one of its basic principles to keep confidential information of individuals and institutions private and confidential, to keep it and not to share it with third parties and institutions, and undertakes this to all its customers.