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What is Apostille / Certification?

The document approval system developed to confirm the authenticity of documents used for various business and purposes in the international arena is called Apostille. The Apostille, the rules of which were determined by the Hague Convention dated October 6, 1961, has validity before the member or party states of the Hague Conference. This document approval system, a local institution or authority determined by the member or state party, ministry, institution, etc. confirms the authenticity of the document and makes it possible to be used in another member or party country within the framework of the rules set in the Hague Convention. Apostille documents have certain rules and must be arranged according to these rules.

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Apostille Certified – District Governorate Certified Translation

If documents are to be sent abroad with or without translation was dependent on the country (in Turkey), or Apostille by the district must be added to certify. If the document to go to the countries included in the Apostille agreement is translated, it is submitted to the district governorship of the province after the notary approval and the Apostille annotation is added. The documents that will go to the countries that are party to the Apostille agreement can be sent directly to the relevant country without any further approval after the Apostille annotation is attached. On the other hand, documents that will go to countries that are not a party to the Apostille agreement will be submitted to the district governor’s office for approval after they are translated and notarized, but after the confirmation annotation is attached, it must be submitted separately to the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the consulate of the relevant country.

Likewise, countries that are part of the Apostille Convention should add apostille to the documents before coming to Turkey for them to be valid in Turkey. Apostille countries not parties to the contract in question also must be approved by the consulate of the country concerned and in Turkey and must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey.

Alle Translation Office receives Apostille or Certification annotation, depending on the country to be sent, by submitting the translated documents to be sent abroad to the district governorship on behalf of the institution or companies after notarization. It completes all these processes for you duly and ensures that your work is done.