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When a website is translated, it is not only translated so that it can be published in different languages, the purpose of the website translation is to impress customers, interlocutors and readers speaking in other languages as in the native language of the site and convey the message to the other party with the same effect. This message may be marketing a product or service, sharing information, publishing a news or art, or developing a goal. Therefore, if this message is shared with wrong grammars and sentences, it may even create adverse effects on the opposite side and damage the reputation of the company or institution and the person who publishes the website. Since the websites are accessible to everyone, they are regarded as the face and identity of a company or institution.

Translation of websites of companies or institutions is of great importance in order to present a solid image towards foreign customers or interlocutors. Alle Translation Office always translates websites with care and in accordance with the local culture and terminology of the foreign language. Alle Translation Office carries out the translation of websites by taking into account the localization rules with its expert staff in this field.

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What is Localization?

Humanity has developed since the earliest times of history through the communication styles between different cultures and communities. Although cultural differences and different languages make it difficult for people to understand each other, translation activities and studies that make it possible for cultures to be understood by other cultures have played important roles in overcoming these difficulties. Different cultures’ unique phrases, cultural patterns and words that have meaning only in that culture have also made it difficult to understand. The concept of localization is a type of translation that expresses exactly this process. This translation activity, which can be summarized as the adaptation of other cultures to each other, can be applied in many areas from literature to different branches of art. It is of great importance that websites, which are one of the innovations brought along by the technological age, adapt to the language and culture in the area they address and respond to the needs of the users in that language and culture.