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Technical Specification Translation

Technical specifications are the documents that determine the conditions that the party who wants to do the purchasing, selling, making, manufacturing, leasing of a product or the work to be done, and which the conditions agreed to comply with by both parties and how it should be done. Technical specifications are prepared within the boundaries that the parties agree to comply with and base the emergence of a work or product on rules and mutual agreement. For this reason, while preparing the technical specifications, care is taken to ensure that the parties can accept them and not exceed the framework of the work or product. A technical contract that aggravates the conditions of the contractor or misses the goals of those who want to get the job done forces compromise. Therefore, the technical contract takes place within reasonable terms and conditions of both parties.

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Translation of Customs Documents

Customs Declaration, Commercial Invoice, Proforma Invoice, Original Invoice, Freight Invoice, Certified Invoice, Certificate of Origin, A.TR Movement Certificate, EUR.1 Circulation Certificate, Supplier Declaration, Carnets, Surveillance Certificate, Insurance Documents, Bill of Lading, Transport Documents and Check Customs documents, such as the list, must be translated into the language of the host country for the import or export of goods. In order to speed up customs procedures, not to misrepresent imported and exported goods due to incorrect translation, and consequently not to increase the fees and taxes of the relevant company, the Alle Translation Office translates the customs documents in question quickly, with great care, nd contributes to the development of companies’ trade.