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Our Working Policy

For Alle Translation Office, each translation order is an important project, so every document and order delivered to us by the client is translated and submitted to the client for the approval of the relevant authorities, within the framework of the standards we set with great care and meticulousness and the professionalism we have adopted. Confidentiality, transparency, fast and error-free business delivery, commitment to delivery times agreed on with the customer, working with professional and expert staff and transforming business processes into creative work with new techniques and technologies are some of our working principles. The working policy of Alle Translation Office, which provides fast, safe and affordable services with its customer-oriented working system and its staff that draws its competence in the field from its practical knowledge and years of experience, is stated below.

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International Translator Federation

Translation and Interpreting Association Turkey

Turkish Sworn Translators Federation

Turkish Sworn Translators Federation

The order process starts from the moment an order is received from the customer, either by hand in the office, or by mail or phone, and the following steps are followed afterwards;

  1. The content of the file is being examined. The file is compared with the previous orders of the customer if the customer is registered in our archive before and works are started to prevent terminology differences and to protect the order and style of the texts.
  2. Our most competent and experienced translator is selected according to the language and expertise of the order, and the customer’s special demands and requests are submitted in written form and the translation of the file is started.
  3. Immediately after the translation process is completed, the file is forwarded to the quality control responsible and the quality control responsible sends it to another translator specialized in the same language and field in order to perform the first stage of the quality control process. The translation text is inspected and checked in terms of sentence organizations and terminology.
  4. In the second phase of the quality control process, the quality control responsible, who has a lot of experience in this field, checks the titles, special names, addresses and numbers written in the file again and checks the original text line by line in order to avoid missing the attention of the wrong sentences and words.
  5. When the quality control process is over, the file is sent to our relevant personnel for printing and preparation, and the printouts, stamps, annotations and signatures of the files are completed in accordance with the approvals to be received for the institution and file to be submitted by the customer.
  6. When the file is prepared, the file is delivered to our personnel in charge of administrative affairs in order to obtain the necessary approvals if the customer requests. Our staff in this field deliver all the approvals for the translated document on your behalf at the notary, the district governorship, foreign affairs, consulates or any relevant institution, and deliver the file to the customer, making the document ready to present to the relevant institution without tiring you.

Thus, the order process is prepared by our professional staff within the framework of our disciplined working principle with the lowest error rate and delivered by saving time and money for the customer.