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Medical Translation

Medical translation is considered as one of the indispensable services in terms of maintaining and improving both academic and health services. It is known that medical research and investigations, reports and examinations on various diseases and cases are prepared with great effort and must be translated with the same sensitivity and care. The success of the health systems in the world and the development of medical knowledge in the fight against diseases and its translation into other languages make a great contribution to the development of humanity. In addition, translation in different languages may arise frequently for hospitals, clinics, institutions and laboratories conducting medical research and examination as a requirement of their work.

Medikal Tercüme

International Translator Federation

Translation and Interpreting Association Turkey

Turkish Sworn Translators Federation

Turkish Translators Association

Medical Translation

Turkey gained momentum in recent years, especially in health tourism services in other countries and in different languages of the people who saw the institution of cooperation and partnership in raises. Alle Translation Office performs all kinds of medical translation services with great success and meticulousness with its competent and expert translators. Medical research translation, translation of laboratory studies, translation of oncology reports, dentistry translation, biomedical translation, medical article translation with microbiology translation, medical book translation, surgery report translation, patient report translation, epicrisis report translation, analysis result translation, Covid-19 test result translation, patent of medical products, laboratory test result translation, medical drug translation, diagnostic document translation, prospectus translation, prescription translation, hospital report translation, oncology report translation, case report translation, your academic medical documents, veterinary translations, health insurance, insurance policy and license translations are among our services.

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