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Legal Translation

Law is a necessary system for the conduct of affairs in accordance with the law and order all over the world. Although the legal system of each country is different, various international and regional associations provided in the world have also created many common legal institutions and systems.

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What is Legal Translation?

In particular, firms seeking to do business abroad or companies who want to work in Turkey, to know the legal systems of these countries and texts, documents arises the need to translate these languages. In order for the lawsuits filed for and against at home or abroad to be processed in the other country, they must be recognized by the court. On the other hand, if one party of the case is located in a country other than the country where the hearing took place, it is necessary to notify a decision, call, warning, etc., to take defense and statements, to obtain incomplete information and documents, etc. In addition, the parties will need to negotiate and present their evidence and documents to the other party and the court during the trial process and mediation. If one party of the case is a foreigner or is abroad, this process we have mentioned will be carried out completely with translation. In addition, power of attorneys, commitments, declarations, warnings, consents to be sent abroad or from abroad must also be translated and approved by official authorities in order to be official and processed in the other country.

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Legal language generally has a very heavy and complex structure in terms of both terminology and sentence organizations. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the terms and sentences of the main text well when translating. It will then be translated in accordance with the terminology and legal language structure of the target language. Therefore, the translator must have an excellent command of the legal terminology and language structure of both languages. Alle Translation Office has managed to create a team of experts in this field with the legal translation experience it has provided to courthouses, courts, lawyers, companies, institutions and organizations for years, and continues to provide a quality and professional service in legal translations with this solid staff.

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