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Those who come to Turkey from abroad or those who want to make any official action as a foreigner in Turkey, accompanied by certified translators can perform operations on public institutions. In all these official transactions, the signatures of the parties will be present under the official documents, so the wrong translation of the translator will cause the relevant party to sign under an incorrect document, and heavy responsibilities and consequences may arise in the future for the signing party due to the document signed. Therefore, correct translation is extremely important for the safety and accuracy of your job. As Alle Translation Office, with its professional interpretation team, taking into account the rights of the relevant party, it prevents the party from signing a wrong document and undergoing unwanted responsibilities and liabilities. Do your official transactions safely with Alle.

In addition to official affairs, whether you attend conferences, meetings or seminars, apply for a visa at the consulate of a foreign country, or follow your work in places such as police stations or hospitals, unfortunately, the hours and hours you will spend will be wasted unless you can communicate with the other party. Do not waste your time and effort and get expert support in this regard. Alle Translation Office can accompany you at every step with its interpreting staff.

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Corporate Interpreting Service

Interpreting in Conference, Seminar and Meeting

Providing easy and accurate communication with foreign guests attending conferences, seminars and meetings directly affects the achievement of the purpose of the conference, seminar and meeting. Communication problems with foreign guests can lead to the collapse of the whole project, in addition to slow progress of the business, repetition of work, failure to get results, disagreements and misunderstandings. Therefore, the translator who will represent your institution or company should be chosen carefully as if they are the most important personnel of your institution. That’s why we recommend you to get service from experienced and corporate translation offices. Corporate translation offices provide qualified services in this field.

Certified Interpreting Services

Foreign institutions and officials and representatives of companies and citizens of foreign countries in general in Turkey before Notary, Registry Offices, Courts, legal proceedings can only be carried out with certified interpretors in the presence of the authorities. In your official transactions with the representatives and officials of foreign institutions and companies, the translators who have good command of the legal and commercial terms speed up the process, ensure that it is carried out without error and smoothly, and prevents the problems and damages and losses that may occur due to wrong transactions.