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Document Approval Follow Up

Completion of the work done according to the procedures in Turkey for various purposes in many countries is of great importance. Both the proper preparation and follow-up of these works speed up the processes. After the documents are translated, they need to be approved by some authorities in order to be official, depending on the institution to be submitted at home or abroad. Some or all of these approvals may be required depending on the content of the document, the country of origin or destination and the institution to be submitted, including approvals such as notarization, apostille or certification, approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and consular approval for translation.

After the translation of your document is prepared in line with the required approvals, the document follow-up staff of Alle Translation obtain all the necessary approvals for you and on your behalf and deliver them to you ready to use or to be presented.

Our Document Approval Follow Up Services are as follows:

  • Certified Translation Approval
  • Notary Approval
  • Apostille approval
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs approval
  • Embassy / Consular approval
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