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Consulate Certified Translation

After the documents to be sent abroad are translated, if the country to be sent is not a party to the Apostille contract, they must be submitted to the consulate for approval after the approval of the District Governorship and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since each consulate is subject to the laws and rules of its own country, the approval process is different for each consulate and with its own procedures. However, the experience of Alle Translation Office on this issue makes this process easy and fast for companies and institutions. Alle Translation Office has the necessary knowledge and experience in this field since it has been following the post-translation approval processes of many companies and institutions for years. Therefore, this process is performed faster and easier for companies and institutions by Alle Translation Office. Consulate-approved translation, smooth translation, certified and notarized and apostille certifications, preparation of the working order by considering the consulate’s conformity and completing the procedures on time are the working style of our office.

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